Interesting Stroke Case


Dr. G. N. Lakshminarayan

I saw this 33 year old female who developed moderately severe headache of one week's duration prior to the ictus. She then developed weakness of the right sided limbs with dysphasia. She is unmarried, and of normal health till this ictus. No young strokes in the family. Her blood picture is normal, non diabetic, lipids, homocysteine, protein C and S, CSF all normal. No cardiac problems. I have requested Dr Michael to post the pictures on this website.

An angiogram was done with the idea that the left temporal lesion could be an aneurysm which turned out to be negative. The premiere neurological institute of Bangalore, India (NIMHANS) had suggested only one possibility.

I am eager to learn from you

Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan


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Updated 2/11/2003

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