Acetazolamide and Brain Edema


 G N Lakshminarayan, M.D.

I have been testing with informed consent, Dr Rodriguez's protocol with acetazolamide in treating brain edema.  I choose patients with stroke and poor LV so that I won't be tempted to use mannitol.  I never use steroids. Five days ago I had a patient aged 37 yrs with cerebellar infarct with mass effect with compression over the brainstem.  He was drowsy and irritable with severe headache.  His pulse rate was 58/min and BP was normal. He had suffered a massive MI four years ago.  He was started on Acetazolamide 500 mg twice daily IV after informed consent (minimum dose) for five days.  Headache began subsiding and he became conscious. His pulse rate improved to 78/min.   Below are the CT Scans shown with Dr Victorio's assumed permission.  If you could take the Scan pictures to photoediting soft-ware and draw a line across the fourth ventricle you will notice the appreciable reduction in the edema. 

Cheers to Dr Victorio Rodriguez

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