EMG Case #1

From Dr Jon Dorman, M.D.

Four limb motor and sensory NCVs and EMG show widespread abnormalities consistent with neuropathy with the following features:
    a) EMG--The left anterior leg compartment had fibrillations, positive sharp waves and insertional potentials.  Only the proximal right arm muscles had high amplitude or giant potentials, other muscles being low or normal amplitude.  Increase MAP duration was common.  The chronic element exceeds the active denervation element.  Muscles ranges from active denervation to normal.
    b) Both motor and sensory NCVs showed widespread but not universal abnormalities with marked variation from nerve to nerve.
    c) All F-waves from abnormal.
    d) The right median nerve had a reproducible conduction block at the elbow.
    e) Sural nerves had normal conduction velocity but small amplitude.

EMG Report:

Name INS Fibs +wvs AMP Dur Polyph Recruit Interf pt other
R FDI NL none none   NL NL NL 75% most normal muscle
R APB NL none none   NL 1+ NL NL low amp
R Biceps NL none none NL >12 2+ Decr 25% some giants
L Biceps NL none none NL NL NL NL NL normal
R Brachiorad NL none none ++ NL NL NL 50% fascilations
R Deltoid NL none none giant >12 2+ NL 25% few giant
L Deltoid NL none none NL NL NL NL NL Normal
R ECR incr none none NL >12 NL NL 75% irritable
L lat peron 2+ none 2+   >12 1+ decrs 25% some active denerv
R lat peron NL none none NL >12 2+ NL 75%  
R Rect Fem NL none none NL >12 NL NL NL  
R Triceps NL none none NL >12 2+ decr 50%