Focal Abdominal Myoclonus


Dr. Joseph Chu

Focal Abdominal Myoclonus

Dr. Joseph Chu Examines Patient

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Recently I posted a 15yo boy with chronic "hiccups" fro about 5 months.  I suspect he has a form of focal abdominal myoclonus and treated him initially with Baclofen 10mg TID with some initial benefit.However, it really did not change much thereafter. I was able to record his movement on VHS video and is figuring how I can input the images so that it could be sent to Neurolist.I recently bought a Video/Photo digital imager which could allow VHS input. I stopped his Baclofen and started him on Epival 250mg TID.

Q1.Any suggestions on treatment modalities?

Q2.There was a suggestion of his father having "spasms" as a teenager and he seemed to have outgrown it. Could this be a form of familial myoclonus syndrome? Are there any genetic tests which could be done to confirm such?

Q3.Any additional investigations?

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