Dr. Lakshminarayan's Accomplishment


To accomplish something seemingly impossible is something everybody would relish. To become a percussionist (mridhangam player) and to be considered equal by other musicians is something not every doctor let alone a busy neurologist can achieve easily. I have passed this acid test and again with flying colors with accolades by playing the instrument MRIDHANGAM accompanying my daughter Janani who is a computer engineer in her final year as well as one of the top musicians of this place in front of a gathering of critics. I had per force remain a lurker on the list because of my hard practice of at least two hours a day till my hand had literally bled. In this I take great pleasure, in this achievement which will continue. I had inserted a snap of one such performance on the stage with my daughter. Hope you will appreciate.


G N Lakshminarayan

The Mridhangist and Neurologist



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