Left Hemiparesis: 10 year MRI Comparison


Harald Reich, M.D.

I have an interesting patient to show.  I am not sure what to do. She is a 39 year female , whom I first saw in 2003. She presented with non-specific central symptoms and a mild left hemiparesis as the only focal neurological sign.  Her MRI is on the neurolist site.  Since her symptoms were static, I decided to observe her without any intervention.  She did not keep her f/u appointments but showed up again in 2010. Neurological symptoms and signs have not changed in the past 7 years ,but her MRI worsened.  What would any of you suggest? So far I have not decided what to do.

Below find the images from 2003 and now.

MRI Images

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Updated 9/6/2010

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